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He Dagui

There was an excellent poet called He Dagui in Emperor Huizong in Northern Song Dynasty time. Named Jing Zhi, he was born in 1101. When he was 18, he was admitted as successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations and ranked the first one in Ministry of Rites. He was Imperial College recorder in 1119, and was secretary responsible for books organization in 1124. Later, he was promoted to court attendant. After the government moved to the south, he was the subordinate official of Teng Kang and Liu Yu in 1130. Afterwards he was reduced to Lingnan official because of losing the Hong state. He was banished in 1135. In 1150, he was appointed as the court attendant for the left dynasty, entering Zhi Mi Ge. In 1157, he took charge of Taizhou Daoist temple (a position without power but a little money), but was removed from office soon. In 1163, he came back to take charge of the Daoist temple. Died year to be unclear. Survey of Guangde says that he was famous for articles and he was not restricted but with a bold disposition.

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